Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement and Benchmarking

Play your part in the benchmarking of the NZ construction industry and continuously improve your business at the same time!

“Always do what you’ve always done, and you’ll always have what you’ve always had!”

The problem

Stop and think for 2 minutes… What aspects of your organisation might you want to measure and improve? Why?

Clients often don’t look at what percentage of their projects are completed on time or to budget. It seems so basic but most organisations don’t do this. How can you improve your business if you don’t know how your business is performing?

How do you compare your business or projects to other businesses or projects?
How do your Health Authority projects perform against Education or Roading Authority projects?

Contractors traditionally have a bad reputation for customer service. To improve your customer service you need to know how to measure it, how to deal with it, and how to respond and improve it.


The 3 fundamental elements…

This course provides you and your business with a series of tools that show you how to change your behaviour to get the results you desire. These fundamental elements are:

1: How to deliver a Performance Management System that gives results

Often people come up with KPIs that can be easily measured but are not necessarily going to result in business performance improvement. Selecting KPIs suitable for your business is the first step towards success.

2: How to draw a line in the sand and understand where you are now

Benchmarking is critical to do before any improvements can be made. It is the very first thing that should be done before you undertake any performance improvement activities.

We give you the 7-step benchmarking process that will set your project or business up against national and international performance benchmarks. This gives you a baseline for your continuous improvement programme. (Thinking strategically and involving your stakeholders is needed.)

3: How to deliver a continuous improvement programme based on results from measurement/benchmarking process

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure”.

See the 7 Benchmarking Steps that Arrow international use to save an extra $50,000 per project

For clients this course will give you the tools to improve your supply chain management and advance your procurement management. You will be able to “build more for less” and get better value from your supply chain.

For consultants this course will give you the tools to improve your performance with the key outcomes being:

  • More new work
  • More repeat work
  • Easier tenders
  • More reasons for clients to come back
  • Better performance out of your supply chain
  • Improvement of your customer service
  • Empowering your staff to take action and change behaviours

For maintainers (roads, water, civil, local authorities, etc) this course will give you the tools to understand which suppliers are worth using again and show you how to improve your quality indicators.


tk-risk managementRetired CEO of Naylor Love, Trevor Kempton, knew he had to make his company stand out from the crowd and have a competitive advantage. He decided the company’s goal should be “measurably the best commercial constructor in New Zealand”. So he contracted Amanda from The Academy to help his company achieve its goal.

They began benchmarking the company’s performance in 2005 using national KPIs, and set up a ‘best practice programme’ to measure, analyse and improve.
The two key areas of concern that was found from the benchmarking was the company’s performance in delivery of projects to time and cost of fixing defects/snagging.

Within a year of instigating their performance measurement system Naylor Love made great headway on improvement:

  • An uplift of 47% of project delivery on time;
  • An uplift of 39% of project defects rectified within 30 days.

Subsequently, Naylor Love has achieved its goal of becoming measurably the best commercial constructor in New Zealand. It is now recognised as a Best Practice organisation with a reputation for continuous improvement and performance measurement and management.


Why choose The Academy Performance Measurement?

It’s enjoyable!

Participants find this course exciting and enjoyable not just because of the presenter’s delivery style and charisma but because for most people it is a completely new topic.

Immediately applicable…

The way forward is exciting and clear

You will go home and be able to immediately apply the knowledge you have gained. Benchmarking opens your eyes to the errors you’ve been making. This course is for people that care about their business; it’s not for the faint hearted as it will show your inadequacies. Participants leave with excitement and a clear way forward to improve their business by benchmarking and instigating a performance measurement system.

Designed for you…

This course is tailored to anyone involved in the wider construction industry that is:

  • In a management team concerned with improving business performance or are keen to begin a programme of benchmarking
  • Wanting to spend more time working ‘on’ their business and instead of ‘in’ their business
  • A business improvement manager or managing director of a smaller company
  • Wanting to ‘lift their game’ and play in the big league
War stories shared…

The course value is demonstrated through real industry examples, where you are encouraged to share your personal experiences – bring along an example to share to ensure you get maximum value.

Presented by an industry leader…

The tutor, Amanda Warren, uses real case studies selected from her direct industry experience to provide a strong practical context for the module.

She is an international expert of performance measurement and benchmarking. She has successful implemented several significant performance uplifts in a range of construction contractor and client organisations across the world. Her advice has typically resulted in 20% faster and cheaper projects, and customer satisfaction increases from of 7/10 to +9/10 within a year.


Amanda has been employed by or consulted to several major organisations including, Building Research, ANZ Bank, Naylor Love Construction, NZTA, Arrow International, UK Government, BAA, Carillion and Skanska, a range of Local Government bodies in UK, Nationwide Building Society. She was employed as Operations Director for Mace Ltd for five years before moving to New Zealand.

Story time…

Keen to improve his company’s performance, Julian Huggins from Arrow International, contracted Amanda from The Academy for help!

After undertaking benchmarking it was noted that reaching contractual practical completion of projects was being delayed by not remediating snags and defects in a timely manner.

The average period per project to remediate defects and snags was found to be a whopping 170 days. Costing Arrow significantly in time related overheads and client dissatisfaction. Delays in remediating snags and defects are a pet hate of any client!

After using the National benchmarking programme, undertaking benchmarking and instigating a performance measurement system Arrow International’s performance was greatly improved.

Time to rectify defects and snags was reduced from the average 170 days to just an average of 14 days per project. Resulting in an average of $50,000 of extra margin per project and increased customer satisfaction. In 2013, 100% of Arrow International projects received an 8/10 or higher for customer satisfaction.