Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Do you have a Personal Action Plan?

Communication skills for the construction industry

“Effective Communications Skills – Listening, Questioning, Coaching”

The problem

Just how effectively do you communicate?  Are your ideas being heard?  Do you use appropriate communication styles for work place situations?

The Fundamentals:
  • The ‘3 Level Model’ of Communication
  • Assessment of Personal Communication Style
  • Review of MBTI Profile and Work Place Communication
  • Using Emotional intelligence to Strengthen your Team
  • The 4 step Feedback process
What am I going to learn?
  • Understand how personality type affects communication style and identify areas where they can improve their communication style
  • Develop skills for effective communication in listening, questioning and influencing
  • Understand how emotions affect behaviour and develop ways to manage emotions and respond positively to situations
  • Develop the skills to give constructive feedback to maintain performance


The benefits!

For clients this course will give you the tools to improve your communication skills

For consultants this course will give you the tools to improve your communication skills with the key outcomes being:

  • More new work
  • More repeat work
  • Easier tenders
  • More reasons for clients to come back
  • Better performance out of your supply chain
  • Improvement of your customer service
  • Empowering your staff to take action and change behaviours

For maintainers (roads, water, civil, local authorities, etc) this course will give you the tools to understand which suppliers are worth using again and show you how to improve your quality indicators